Sydney CBD cafés usually have a very different feel from those on the city fringe. Your Petty Cash Cafés, you Belljars don’t really exude the same frantic, grab-your-latte-and-raisin-toast-and-run vibe that you get at somewhere like, say, Vella Nero. This is changing, or maybe I’m just paying closer attention. In any case the York Street hub, with the likes of the quirky Shirt Bar and the laneway haven York Lane is a pretty awesome place to be grabbing your coffees and lunches these days.

Palomino Espresso is the newest addition to the area. A few blocks south of Wynyard Station, nextdoor to Stitch, I literally walked straight past it on its second day of trading. And I was actually looking for it. It was only because I was looking for number 61 and the numbers were higher than that that I turned around and had a second look.

I ordered my macch and sat looking out onto the street, and almost every person who walked past did a double take. It wasn’t so much a case of ‘wow, a new café’ as it was ‘how long has that place been open?’. That’s because Palomino Espresso looks like it’s been part of the furniture for yonks. And the service wasn’t very ‘we’ve only been open for two days’ either. If they hadn’t mentioned that fact so many times, I doubt anyone would’ve noticed they’re the NKOTB.

As per usual, I just had coffee. It was good, not particularly photogenic but a nutty, vanilla-y sort of flavour. I was tempted by something that looked suspiciously like a butterfly cake, or at any rate, some variety of cupcake heavy with whipped cream. The breakkies are a bit more city fringe than dine-and-dash – I saw house baked beans and eggs benny on offer, and tons of homemade-looking baked treats. These guys serve Morgans Handcrafted Coffee, the day I went they had two choices, one of which was a Brazilian Single Origin, if that’s what floats your boat. They do cold drip and for soy addicts, it’s bonsoy all the way.

The decor is a tad quirky, with wild west themed knick knacks (there’s a horse figurine inside the espresso machine). To me, it looks like the kind of cafe you’d find in Glebe, I’m not sure why. The high ceilings mean plenty of glass street frontage, there’s enough seating and the staff seem really friendly. I am unsure of their opening hours but I am going to find out. I will be back.

Palomino Espresso
1/61 York Street
Sydney, NSW 2000
Monday-Friday 7:00am – 4:00pm

Palomino Espresso on Urbanspoon

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8 Responses to Palomino Espresso, Sydney CBD

  1. devoured says:

    Good to know! It’s so much harder to find good places for coffee in the city compared to all the usual inner city suburbs. Sounds like York Street is the way to go!
    devoured recently posted…Eats//Sweets

  2. Miss Piggy says:

    Cute looking cafe…would be nice to have something of this calibre near my office.
    Miss Piggy recently posted…Fujiya, Sydney CBD

  3. this place is so close to my work! Might drop by one day for lunch or a coffee!
    Food is our religion recently posted…Subway’s Moroccan Menu

  4. Leo Samuel says:

    Really it’s a good news about findings a good coffee shop which you have told us. Nothing is better than mental satisfaction. Thanks a lot.
    Leo Samuel recently posted…Entertainment News

  5. SarahKate says:

    Looks like a cute place. I love the sound of house baked beans.
    SarahKate recently posted…Abercrombie x 2

  6. Love these little inconspicuous cafes – will drop in next time I’m on that side of Wynyard!

  7. Quite a groovy looking espresso machine. Very difficult to use though. Pulling that lever looks very snazzy, but very few people have the skill to (a) get it right, and (b) be consistent.
    So pleasing when you find one who does.
    Nothing quite like a barista in Italy, with one hand casually on the lever, bragging about their professionalism & how good “his” coffee is, then being as you’re an English speaker (ergo, uncultured moron who knows nothing of good coffee) tries to get away with making you an espresso by re-using the grinds from the previous cup he made, thinking you won’t notice.
    Steve at the Pub recently posted…Another Olympic Career Ruined!

  8. […] bar of the same name), not even a full block south of Wynyard train station, near the newly-opened Palomino Espresso you’ve all heard so much […]

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