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Hi! I’m Lauren
I’m a writer, blogger, social media junkie and food addict with a serious jones for all things caffeine. I am practical and impatient but I don’t want to eat anything that doesn’t taste delicious. This, I am determined, is not a contradiction in terms.

Coffee is my passion, I can’t live without it and I wouldn’t want to. Corridor Kitchen contains café reviews centred squarely on coffee, as well as coffee making tutorials and tips for everything from perfecting espresso to filter coffee magic. Hit me up if you have an ace coffee suggestion, I’m forever on the lookout for exceptional coffee.

Corridor Kitchen
When moved to Sydney several years ago, I was a student living in a cockroach-riddled terrace with little money and a complete unwillingness to go on the mee goreng diet. I never had money to eat out, but there was always spare change for a coffee. My tiny kitchen was literally a corridor, so I figured that if I could whip up a fabulous meal there, it could be done anywhere. It was only a matter of time before I became a card carrying member of the  food/coffee blogosphere.

Editorial Policy
Corridor Kitchen is a passion project made up entirely of my opinions. It’s where I write about places, products and experiences that I consider worth recommending to my small but loyal readership, and I am rarely at a loss for something to write about. As such, invitations to events or to check out fledgling cafés are more than welcome, but are unlikely to be accepted. Providing a product or service in no way ensures a positive review or any review at all. I do not accept free meals or payment in return for a review on my blog and nor do I write sponsored posts.  Neither press releases nor outside copy will be accepted. If in doubt, shoot me an email at: lau[at]corridorkitchen[dot]com

Comments Policy
Comments are moderated, mostly due to spam, and to correct mistakes- typos, capitalisation and so forth. I approve negative comments, welcome debate, criticism and the whole gamut of p.o.v.’s out there, and I have no problem with a bit of colourful language. I encourage relevant links but don’t allow anything ‘spammy’. And it goes without saying (but I have to say it anyway) that I will not tolerate abuse of any kind, directed either at me or my readers. Comments do not reflect my opinions, nor do I endorse their content.

Creative Commons Licence
All text and images are by Lauren Quinn unless otherwise stated. Corridor Kitchen is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-alike license. What this means is that if you’d like to use something from this site, you are free to do so, under the following three conditions:
1. That you attribute appropriately, naming Lauren Quinn as the creator of the original work and linking to Corridor Kitchen,
2. That you licence the resulting work in the same or similar way (so as to continue sharing content), and
3. That you do not use my work for commercial purposes.

Got more questions? Contact me.


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