The Stats
If you only have $5 a day to spend on food, all it takes is $3 coffee and suddenly 60% of your daily food budget is spent. The fact is, this is reality for many Australians. In Australia, approximately 2.2 million people live below the poverty line – 11.1%. That’s 2.2 million Australians without access to basic necessities like healthy food, dental care, transport, affordable housing and education. This is in spite of the fact that Australians as a whole are living through good economic times.

How is this possible? What can we do?
The $35 Challenge asks you to experience poverty. During Anti-Poverty Week, from October 14-20, you have $5 a day to spend on food. For 1 week, experience what it feels like to eat below the poverty line. By experiencing poverty for just 7 days, we can come to a better understanding of the reality of living in poverty, and raise awareness of an issue so often swept under the rug. And by donating the remainder of the money we would usually spend on food to Foodbank, we can make a real difference.

Get involved!
There are 5 main ways to get involved in The $35 Challenge:
1. Participate in The $35 Challenge.
2. Blog your experiences of The $35 Challenge (sign up below).
3. Promote The $35 Challenge on your blog/twitter feed.
5. Donate to The $35 Challenge (details to come).

I hope you will join me in The $35 Food challenge, as we do our bit to raise awareness and funds in the fight against poverty.

What to do next:

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4 Responses to The $35 Challenge is back!

  1. Good on you for spreading the word and helping to promote a great cause, Lauren. Will try to take part this year – it’s a little tricky with small kids who like to assert themselves with their diet ;)
    Christina @ The Hungry Australian recently posted…8 Favourite Things: August

  2. I hope many people get behind the challenge this year Lauren

  3. Unless I’m in the smoke on a spree, $35 would be more than I spend on feeding & watering myself in any one week.
    Perhaps I should touch Foodbank for a rebate?
    Steve at the Pub recently posted…Credit…!!

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