Taste of Sydney is held each year in Centennial Park, and until this year I’d never been. This for two reasons; firstly, you have to buy a ticket to attend (and then pay to be fed) and two I figured fancy restaurants are a bit out of my league. Oh yeah, and crowns. 1 crown = 1 dollar, that is bullshit. But this year all that changed as friends offered Senhor R and I free tickets to come along with them. Huzzah!

It was a picturesque scene as we made our way through Centennial Park (the long, slightly muddy way).

Our silhouettes would be a little wider when the night drew to a close.

Although it was quite muddy, the lights made things feel festive.

Hipsters be chillin’…

Gorgeously crispy Fried Hawkesbury School Prawns from Quarter 21.

Posicles are all the rage these days – the Fresh Pops cart.

Quarter 21 again with Slow Cooked and Caremelised Short Rib. Divine.

Pat & Stick’s Cramel Pecan Ice Cream Sanwich – I couldn’t finish it by myself!

The black label juice bar/cocktail/popup/thingummy. Weird.

Kopperburg cider. Kicks Rekorderlig’s Arse. No contest.

Pretty skies.

McLaren Vale Ale. I’m a fan.

Charlie & Co teensy Burger. It’s the first time I’d tried Charlie & Co. it was fine, overpriced though.

Another bar.

The Suckling Pig at Four in Hand was less than crispy.

The Beach Bar- best value (anything) in the place.

A delectable mojito. 8 bucks/crowns! We were in this weird parallel universe where cocktails are cheaper than wine. Or food. I think it’s called Brasil.

Waiting for pasta at A Tavola. A delicious 3 kinds of meat ragu, to be precise.

It’s really time to go now. But what about our leftover crowns?

Back to Quarter 21 for dessert – Hokey Pokey Ice cream Sandwich.

A lot of people I spoke to said they were less impressed with this year’s line-up than they were in previous years. They stopped serving booze at 9:30pm, and so many people found themselves with a pocketful of crowns and not much to spend them on. On leaving the park, it was pitch black, verging on dangerous as we scrambled for ANZAC parade. But overall it was a fun, if expensive night. I’d go again. With free tix (hint hint).

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12 Responses to Taste of Sydney 8-11 March 2012 – A Day in Pictures

  1. It was my first year too and I wasn’t hugely impressed. It doesn’t seem worth the entry fee, considering once you get in there the food is so expensive and tiny.
    Mary @ beyondjelly recently posted…Le Pain Quotidien, Westfield Sydney

    • Lau says:

      Having an entry fee strikes me as odd, maybe it’s so everyone who goes has the intention of buying, or something? I don’t know, but I would never go if I had to pay the entry fee. Free tix all the way…

  2. That ice cream sandwich looks quite attractive – and massive! Liking the look of those prawns and ribs too. But yeah, these events do tend to be pricey, so I almost never go.
    leaf (the indolent cook) recently posted…live below the line: how i ate on AU $2 a day

  3. SarahKate says:

    That short rib looks really lovely! I’m always a bit hesitant about events like this because I feel like I have to keep eating and spending money or I might as well leave. Not the most relaxing atmosphere.
    SarahKate recently posted…Singapore- Izakaya Nijumaru

    • Lau says:

      And you know, that’s exactly what happened – we just kept spending and eating! Cocktails were great value though, if I go again, I’ll have a few drinks and chill out before hitting the food stalls.

  4. Gaby says:

    Missed it this year… there are a few things that I’d have liked to try… Oh well, maybe next year… I’ll definitely try that cider.
    Gaby recently posted…Review: Tre Viet

  5. Giselle says:

    What a great adventure! I am hoping that someday, I can have this kind of adventure too.. Anyway, thanks for the great photos!
    Giselle recently posted…Relief For Gout

  6. Mojitos and ice cream sandwiches?? They serve this in my version of heaven :)
    Anna @ the shady pine recently posted…Petit pois and turning leaves

  7. I missed it this year as well, and it’s a bit disappointing, but the Crave Food Festival is much better anyways, although a bit more expensive. Not quite the same thing, but the classes are such good value.

    The short rib does look good, although it seems like there was a lot less on offer than last year.

    Congrats on the mojito find.

  8. Lau says:

    People were commenting on less choice than last year. I had a great time and love the Quarter 21 stuff I tried but it was a pricey night out…

  9. Interesting to read your take on Taste of Sydney. I went to the past 2 years’ offerings here in NZ: Taste of New Zealand in 2011 and Taste of Auckland in 2010. Similarly, we had to pay an entry fee and use Crowns. It made for an expensive, but fun night.

    How much were the dishes that you had?

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