Ok, so first off I am super, super excited about my new blog header! Yay! My amazing friend Amy, of Fenetik Designs designed it for me on the condition that I pay her in wine. And no, that is not an invitation for you to do that same should you ever need a talented graphic designer. But it is a testament to how awesome she is.

I was so sick of my dodgy-looking diy job and now I finally know what it means when they say you should invest in professional work. Amy, thank you so so much for making Corridor Kitchen look like an actual blog, rather than something cobbled together in a wordpress-meets-ms-paint-meets-microsoft-word-kind-of-way (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

corridor kitchen

So on to the competition! Y’all must remember the lengthy/boring video review I did of the Philips Saeco Intelia a while back (sorry, when I think of Amy, I come over all Southern). *Ahem*. Well, the time has come for one of my (Sydney) readers to reap the benefit of my good fortune. I’ve recently cut back on my coffee, as I’ve been having what feel like b12 deficiency headaches – funny story, if it weren’t for them, Corridor Kitchen would not exist. So I feel I only need one espresso machine rather than two (I already owned one when this baby rocked up).

I’m giving one of you the chance to win the Philips Saeco Intelia, a fully automatic espresso machine that critics (ie myself and my boyfriend) are calling ‘pretty much ok.’ This machine retails for $999 and it’s no slouch. Quiet, efficient and mess and hassle free, it makes pretty good coffee if you use freshly roasted beans. To that end, I’m including a bag of freshly-roasted Campos Dark City blend to go with. Your welcome.

To enter, comment and tell me how you stave off cravings when you’re trynna cut back or give up something.

You’ll also need to like corridor kitchen on facebook and follow me on twitter to be eligible to enter. Competition closes Friday March 9 2012 and the winner will be announced via facebook/twitter on Monday March 12. This competition is open to those who can get something delivered to Sydney, NSW, Australia only, as that is where the PR company that sent me the machine will courier it.

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12 Responses to In which I cut back on coffee – a giveaway

  1. Gaby says:

    Preparation beats willpower. First thing to do to avoid cravings: get rid of the source of cravings, i.e. don’t have it at home, don’t be where you can find it. If you can’t avoid it and find yourself reaching for it, think if it will move you toward or against your goals (in this case, being healthy). If you get through the first few days without having it, the cravings will be gone.
    Gaby recently posted…Taste Of Sydney 2012 giveaway winners

    • Lau says:

      Sound advice. I am down to one coffee per day and still going strong. I know myself and I can never EVER have 2, because then I will have inevitably 3. It’s weird, I’m not sure why.

  2. I am with Gaby, I have to remove the subject of my craving from my sight (chocolate), also I try and replace it with something else that is a little more healthy. LOVE your new banner, especially the colours. Am already a FB fan and Twitter follower.

  3. Miss Piggy says:

    I like your new header – job well done (and wine well spent)!
    Miss Piggy recently posted…Estabar, Newcastle

  4. Congratulations on the new header….it looks fab!!
    Anna @ the shady pine recently posted…Peacan and date loaf

  5. rashmi says:

    Your friend did a great job with the header, it is really nice and I agree that she is awesome!
    rashmi recently posted…Pike Place K-Cups by Starbucks

  6. roberto colombi says:

    Cold Showers – it’s amazing how fleeting cravings can be when shivering and shrinking inside a cold shower!

  7. Cleo says:

    You have to have many strategies. Change the pattern: Drink your one-cup-a-day out of a different mug, sitting a different place or at different times every day. Take a walk instead (good for headaches). Have a ‘consequence’ if you cheat (you have to run five miles, donate a lot of time or money to a good cause, finish some large chore) and stick to it. And rewards – LOTs of rewards. Things that are good for you, but sensually pleasing: a special movie or meal, splurging on really good chocolates. You need short-term treats for making it through a bad day without, and medium-term just for making it through the whole week without, to a really special reward for making it through the first month (a full-body massage? You might be able to afford it on all the savings ;). And if the headaches don’t go away, and you decide it wasn’t the coffee after all (I get lots, and giving up caffeine didn’t help), then console yourself with a second cup and read some articles about all the health benefits of drinking coffee!

  8. eh-Steve! says:

    Whenever I need to give up something for a while, I consume it to excess so as to develop a repulsion to it. Sounds counterintuitive, but it works every time I start smoking regularly. Failing that, pumpkin seeds :)

  9. The blog header is fab! I like the fancy new look. I used to drink up to 8 cups of coffee a day – now THAT is an addict! I slowly weened myself off the liquid gold by ‘just saying no’ to my Mum/Boss/BF and all the other “drugpushers” in my life. I now rest at 1-2 cups a day with no ill affects… other than the occasional blonde moment!
    Sophie – Miss Sweet recently posted…Sprinkles Cupcakes Vending Machine

  10. Dan says:

    Keep busy! Whenever i want to stop doing something i just do more. That way i forget about it.

    Alternatively, give up something you like more at the same time. You’ll busy thinking about the more important thing you’ll forget that other thing you were giving up.

    Great blog by the way.

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