When I go out for coffee, I’m looking for something specific. I have my preferences and my pet hates. For example, I almost always order a macchiatto, eschew takeaway cups wherever possible, and I don’t take sugar. These preferences colour my reviews. They inform what consitutes a good place to get coffee, for me.

Recently I’ve had some feedback from y’all that some of the places I’ve loved aren’t always up to scratch for you or you’ve had a less-than-brilliant experience at one of them. And I’ve realised I need to dig deeper into what makes a good coffee place (notice I didn’t say ‘what makes a good cafe’ as that’s a whole other kettle of fish).

When I wrote about Allpress in Auckland, for example, I was with a friend who drinks a large skim coffee with equal. This place doesn’t have large cups. Or skim milk. Or equal. This is something I never would’ve known if I’d gone by myself- I was just fine with my macch.

So I’m throwing it open to you, dear reader. I want to know what YOU look for in a good coffee place. You can answer this either in the comments section with a lengthy ranty answer, or by filling out the survey below. The results, assuming they are conclusive, will for the basis of a checklist I’ll use, not necessarilly to JUDGE a coffee place, but to inform you guys about it so that you can make up your own minds.

So whaddya reckon?

To complete the survey below, just hit ‘next’ after every answer and ‘submit’ when you’re done. There are 10 questions in total.

What makes a good coffee place?

1. Where do you live? (suburb/state/country)
2. What coffee do you drink when you 'have in'? eg a mug of skim flat white, a wattleseed cappucino with honey, ristretto.
3. What coffee do you usually order to takeaway? eg large flat white, small skim picollo with 2 equals, I don't order takeaway coffee...
4. In your opinion, what characteristics are essential for a good coffee place (tick all that apply)?

5. The following features are essential for me (tick all that apply):

6. Which is your favourite coffee place?
7. Describe what you like about that place...

8. What is your primary reason for drinking coffee?

9. Have you ever worked in hospitality?

10. Is there anything else about what makes a good coffee place that you would like to add?

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